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External roller blinds

   External roller blinds “Refleksol” help maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature in rooms exposed to direct sunlight. Thanks to them, it can dramatically reduce cooling costs during the hot season.

   High quality fabrics are used for them and are designed for use in external conditions. They ensure effective optical barrier to light with them can be achieved by translucence to blackout.

   Application of external roller shutters allows for increased individuality in the architecture of the building. Coloring aluminum substructure in desired color helps aesthetic entry of external roller shutters to the front.
   They are ideal for sun protection for winter gardens, curtain walls, windows and buildings.

    Besides manually, it is also possible with electric buttons or remote controls, and the ability to setup on hours and days of the week and controls groups. To electrical controls can also be added sensors for sun and wind that will provide optimum performance and protection of the blinds.
    All materials and components used in the manufacture and installation of external roller shutters have high durability and resistance to adverse weather conditions.



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