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Roman blinds

Marvellous combination of fashion, style, cosiness in every room, made of high-quality Spanish materials.

Roman blinds are available with two types of mechanism:

Roman blinds on windows

When you want Roman blinds to be tight on your login screen and at the same time be able to use maximum loosened its parts - click Mechanism frames. It is compact and goes minimum out of the windows - around 2 cm - allowing wide opening. Made for each wing (fixed part) separated. Handling is with smooth cord and locking mechanism. It is suitable for sizes up to 150 cm width.

Roman blinds with chain

It is a solid mechanism for bigger blinds which allows for mounting of both the wall and the ceiling. Management is with pudgy chain.


Умни щори

С умните щори на ЕРИДАН Н винаги имате перфектни интелигентни домашни системи.

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