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Venetian blinds

Венециански дървени щори

Venetian aluminium blinds

Venetian aluminium blinds guarantee effective protection from the sun. They are easy for use , make pleasant atmosphere in rooms and they are perfect protection from unwelcome looks.
Width of the lamellas 16mm, 25 mm.

Venetian blind BLACK OUT

For a complete blackout choose our new Venetian blinds BLACK OUT.
When in its closed position gives tightly covered area without technological openings for cords, thereby to prevent the entry of sunlight and unwanted glimpses of the cracks.Can be ordered in a version 25 mm or 25 Simple.


For opening doors and windows we offer additional extra-specials-down strengthening of the blinds with opportunity for control the light and lifting of the blind with undo from the down rail.

For opening windows and inclined windows type ‘dormer window’ we offer additional extra-specials- sideways leading, the light is regulate and the blind is lift without necessary undo it from down rail.

New product:

Blind „SIMPLE”

To become harmonious connect between PVC, AL joinery and Venetian blind we introduced the new models SIMPLE and COMPACT. Their asymmetry top rail match perfect to every glass carrier.


The mono-command mechanism of blind ‘Compact’ offers elegance and safety decision of the assemble and change angle of the lamellas- with one motion you achieve everything.

Венециански дървени щори


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