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Vertical blinds

   With them we achieve an enthusiastic game of light and shadows as they give opportunity for control the light according to the situation and the necessity. With the unusual rich choice of colours (over 120 colours) and chosen qualities of materials therefore give opportunity for individually design in this way from every premises to create a dream.

Textile vertical blinds

Tape is with width 89 mm and 127 mm. There are Italian, Dutch, Belgian, German and Chinese fabrics, antistatic treated with different densities of textiles. For the most demanding clients, we selected the unique Royal Collection of English fabrics that with its degree of sustainability (6) are the best quality in the world market

PVC and aluminum vertical blinds

With of lamella 89mm. They produced with materials from the World leader “HUNTER DOUGLAS”.

   The vertical blinds offer opportunity for wall or ceiling installation. The mechanisms of control allow the packet lamellas to assemble in the left or in the right edge, to divide in two parts (in the left and in the right end), or to assemble in the middle. Also possible is installation of blinds with decorative cornice, in this way is obtain ready mode of the blind.


Умни щори

С умните щори на ЕРИДАН Н винаги имате перфектни интелигентни домашни системи.

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